My comment at MLQ3’s blog’s comments

Wow! So much talk and so many extra issues.

I personally went there this afternoon to (1) help move the goods that were supposed to be not moving and (2) see for myself what’s happening and see what else I can do. (MLQ3, thanks for quoting my blog. I wanted to clarify things for myself and hopefully for others. I did not insinuate that original blogger talked about pilferage. I was just clarifying through issues that could be going in people’s minds.)

To everyone who has not gone there, stop the talk and go there before you pass any judgment.

As far as I could actually see for myself, the DSWD, UNICEF personnel, volunteers were working as hard as they can and sweating it out there, getting cuts in their arms trying to insert those blankets inside the water jugs.

I see a lot of people talking and commenting in this blog. While I will kill and die to defend your right to free speech and expression, I want to request that you please stop for a while and just go there, if not to see for yourselves what is happening but to lend a hand. I twitted, FBed, SMS, called everyone I know and only 15 came earlier. We need all the hands and less talk.

Can things be improved there? Yes!

I may disagree with how DSWD is managing the packing lines but I understand it. I wouldn’t have if I didn’t go. The DSWD warehouse management is limiting the number of volunteers, a choice they made because it may have been to them the most optimal way to manage the process better. I disagree with it and think the warehouses could handle more (if more volunteers come) but I feel that it was done with the good intentions of delivering the goods where they are needed. I feel no malice.

My suggestion: recruit line managers, delegate responsibility to them and have 24/7 shifts. (Assuming volunteers come.)

There’s also a very obvious communication problem. I do not personally know Dr. Cabral but it seems to me that what she thought at her level was implemented, was not implemented down the line, eg security guards blowing off would be volunteers. This happens in any organization.

My suggestion: As soon as the 24/7 production line is organized, get everyone in the organization on the same page, including and especially the guards and the front office for they are what volunteers encounter first. (If I didn’t ask for UNICEF none of the people would have suggested it and I would have spending that Saturday afternoon reading your blogs instead of stuffing pots and soaps in sacks.) Then recruit, recruit volunteers. Many are willing.

Are the goods going to where they are intended? I don’t know.

Suggestion: Call Dr. Cabral and find out how you can help with deployment. Then go with the deployment teams. Then you can see it first hand and give it from your hand to hand of the very person receiving the goods.

There are a lot of corruption in the government but not everyone is corrupt. There’s a lot of things that needs to be improved in the way the government is handling things. Question is: “Are you just gonna talk about it or get up and do something?”

From someone who’s been there and still trying to do that.

See MLQ3’s blog.


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